Witherspoon Campus Cinema at NC State Provides Inexpensive Fun for the Whole Family

Witherspoon is a family friendly place where anyone can come to relax and watch a movie. The movies may not be the newest but the overall experience that is provided is really satisfying. (Photo Courtesy of Live It Up website)

The Witherspoon Campus Cinema is very different from the average movie theater. Firstly, the cinema is located on a college campus which is extremely convenient for not only students but residents who live in the area as well. Second, the theater offer prospective viewers the chance to see movies they didn’t get the chance to see during their regular release.

The cinema provides people with “second-run films”, which is the screening of motion pictures that have ben released from theatres. Movies like, The Proposal, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Daddy’s Home 2  are examples of second-run movies because they’ve been out for a while and have already left the primary movie theatres.

Witherspoon is  open Monday through Friday, 10:00 A.M.- 5:00 P.M during NC State’s school year. The screenings are typically held in the 460 seat cinema within the Witherspoon Student Union.

What makes the Witherspoon Cinema even better is that the viewings are open to everyone and there is no charge to see the films. There is no concession stand, but free popcorn is provided and there are vending machines within the facility. There is also no rules against outside food, so there’s no need for anyone to hide anything in their purses, bookbags, or pockets, which is something all of us can be grateful for.

Overall, the Witherspoon Cinema is a great (and cheap) place to chill with your friends and see a movie, and I would highly recommend paying it a visit.


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