Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Since the departure of Señora Sollie in 2017 school year and Señor Ross last previous semester, other Spanish teachers have had to step up and teach the higher level Spanish classes. These teachers include Señorita Bouchard, Señorita Richards and Señora Lindsay.

The three teachers took over the more advanced Spanish classes when Señor Ross and Señora Sollie left. Although a little difficult, all teachers are settling into their new classes.

After teaching Spanish 1 and 2 for only a year, Señorita Bouchard took over teaching Spanish 3, 4, 5, and AP which has proved to be a fun challenge.

“I enjoy teaching upper and lower levels, and teaching the upper levels has been a new challenge for me this semester. I am trying to figure out the flow of the course while also teaching the advanced grammar to the best of my ability,” said Señorita Bouchard. She began her journey to Leesville as a student herself.

Originally, she planned on getting a degree in nursing but realized she didn’t love science and continued her Spanish studies into college. Bouchard decided to stop her nursing degree and pursued a degree in Spanish education instead because of her love for Spanish.

Last year, Señorita Bouchard began teaching Spanish 1 and 2 at Leesville. “I like where I am now, but there is also something really fun about teaching the beginning levels and inspiring students at the beginning of their Spanish career,” said Bouchard.

Many times students will take Spanish 1 and 2 in order to get the necessary amount of language credits for college, which can make the classes more difficult to teach because kids can sometimes not want to pay attention and put a lot of effort into their classes.

However, Spanish 3, 4, 5, and AP classes require students and teachers to speak almost completely in Spanish in order to further a student’s speaking and on the spot thinking skills. “I speak only Spanish in the upper level Spanish classes and require my students to do the same. Now that I am teaching Spanish 4 and AP, I find it hard to switch back in to English after speaking Spanish non-stop for 3 classes in a row,” said Señorita Bouchard.

No matter what level Spanish she is teaching, Bouchard always enjoys encouraging and advancing student’s Spanish.

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