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Raleigh’s March for our Lives

Today is Saturday, March 24th, and all across the country there are marches against gun violence. The main march took place in Washington D.C. where students from the Parkland shooting and people from all across the country came together. There was also a march and rally in Raleigh, NC, where protesters marched down Fayetteville Street and concluded with a rally in Halifax Mall.

The people of the Protest


“I hate what’s happening in schools today with gun violence and I want it to stop, and I want the people to understand how destructive the NRA is to the safety of our country”





I am homeschooled and I am deciding if I want to go to public high school or not, and I am very upset that my safety is a factor in making that decision. And then I got to thinking about why should [safety] be a factor for anyone, school is a place that you shouldn’t have to worry about being hurt.”



Ever and Molly

“I’m marching because people shouldn’t have to die and be afraid to go to school.”

“I’m marching because I want to learn at school instead of being afraid that something will happen to me”.



Lexi and Krista

“I’m marching because guns aren’t regulated and kids are starting to stand up for regulation and I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t… so I joined those kids”.

“I’ve been a gun control advocate for a really long time and been a little bit of a loner. This is the first time I’ve actually ever been able to participate in this type of event… so it’s really exciting to see that there is momentum and people are finally standing up. Sitting back and not doing anything is obviously not working.”



” [I’m marching] to raise awareness about gun control and to try and get Congress to change and create new policies”.






The signs of the Protest

The sounds of the Protest

“This is what democracy looks like”

“Hey hey, ho ho, the NRA has got to go”


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