Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM) is the process in which high school students can earn credit for a course by showing they have a firm grasp of its subject matter. On March 15, 2018, several students completed the second phase of  the Credit by Demonstrated Mastery for Civics and Economics.

Elise Newhouse, junior, took the CDM along with two other students. “I took [the] CDM because I have taken three years of AP history classes including AP Government, and I did not want to take a honors class senior year, ” said Newhouse.

In order to demonstrate their mastery of a subject, students must go through two phases of assessments. The first phase usually contains a standardized test to show general knowledge of the topic. If they pass this phase, students continue to the second phase, which consists of an assessment to apply knowledge and skills relevant to the topic such as a short answer or a portfolio.

“I think it is up to student[s] to pursue CDM if they wish to and feel confident about the subject they choose” said Mr. Green, the organizer of the CDM. “I always think being in a class, learning from a teacher and interacting with other students is the best path but I also know that education is changing and perhaps CDM would be an option for some students.”

Credit by Demonstrated Mastery is a convenient way to get credit for classes that you already know about. The test is free to take, and there is no penalty for not passing. If you want to know more information about CDMs, click here.

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