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Songs and Sweets

Songs and Sweets
Ariana Rosario, performing the song “Love on the Brain” during the Songs and Sweets event. Various members of the programs showcased more than 15 individual songs. (Photo courtesy of Matt Wiener)

On the evening of February 2, the LRHS Choral Program crafted a new way of showcasing their talent: a first time event known as Songs and Sweets.

The experience quite frankly fits the name. Audience members who bought a ticket were treated to a dessert and a drink, as well as an engaging show. The program gave exposure to the talent of Leesville’s choral department, the audience was treated to a delightful evening.

Taking place in the cafeteria, members of the choral programs performed heartfelt and personal songs either through solo performances or duets. Tryouts were held to determine who would participate in the event.

Decorated with red table covers and a few roses in a vase as a centerpiece, each table of guests was served a drink of their choice as well as a plate of desserts as the show was running.

Song titles that were showcased to the audience were handpicked by the students, one of which included a handwritten song for the event. Other songs were chosen from movies or even Broadway musicals, adding positive variation for an enticing show.

Performing in the show with her best friend, Cassie Hardiman, sophomore at Leesville Sydney McGee had a few words about their song, Chasing Pavements, by Adele: “We chose the song because we believed it really fit our personalities. We have always loved Adele since we were eight years old”.

Members from all programs — Beginning Chorus, Intermediate Chorus, and Capital Pride — all had the opportunity to step up on stage.The audience showed their pleasure with loud rounds of applause after each performance.

Other songs that were performed during the event were listed as previews for the upcoming Leesville tradition in February, Singing Valentines. Titles included were “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, “For The Longest Time”, and “Stand By Me”.

Emotions ran high at the end of the show, as the last song brought tears to the audience’s eyes. The song “Lily’s Eyes” was performed in honor of Lily Thornton, a member of the chorus department who recently passed away.  Two of her close friends within the program — Anna Gold and Loren Wait — performed the song beautifully.

Wildly successful, the chorus program is hoping to make the show an annual event. With each part of the chorus having their moment to shine, it would surprise no one if the show continued year after year with stellar performances.

McGee commented on the show’s triumph:“The show was a success because I could tell the audience was enjoying the show and got hooked. [The entire chorus program] felt confident in the work they did, and that’s the best feeling.”

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