Interns Wanted for the CTE Internship Program

Hunter Ringley is an intern for a computer programming company. Hunter is one of the interns for the 2017-2018 CTE Internship class at Leesville Road High School. (Used by permission of Gwen Canada)

Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, Leesville students have been given the opportunity to get real hands on experience in the work force, and get high school credit for it. The CTE Internship class offers rising juniors and seniors at Leesville honors credit for working an internship in a career they are passionate about. With CTE Internship on their schedule, the student will be aloud to leave campus for their fourth period and attend an internship that will further their experience in a career field they find intriguing and interesting, make contacts for the future, and even improve grades in college, because you will have experience in the field you are majoring in. In this internship, you will not be just making coffee runs. You will be getting real, hands on experience.

In order to be considered for the internship, the student must have done the following:

  • Be a rising Junior or Senior
    • Junior interns do not advise doing this your junior year because of Junior Year’s difficult nature.
  • Attend one Internship Interest Meeting
  • Fill out the application, due February 9th, which includes…
    • 2 teacher recommendations
    • A bulleted list of why you should be an intern
    • Signing an intern code of conduct
  • Ability to provide your own transportation
  • Preferably less than 5 absences
  • Meet with the Internship Coordinator (Mrs. Canada)

In this class, not only will students be expected to find an internship and attend, but the student will also submit 15 prompted journal entries throughout the year that will help reflect on the experience. At the end of the year, there will be a final presentation that will reflect on the internship experience as a whole. It will be expected that the student wears the proper attire, which will be similar if not the same as the employees of the company they are interning for.

Feel free to contact Mrs. Canada with any questions. You can find her in the Career Center (Rm 102), email her at, or call at 919-870-4250 ext. 24557.

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