Elise Hall Brings Home the State Title In Pole Vault

Elise Hall stands proudly at the top of the podium after securing the state title in pole vault. (Photo used by permission of Geoffrey Travagline)

On Saturday February 10th, the NCHSAA 4A Indoor Track State Championships were held at JDL indoor track stadium in Greensboro, North Carolina. Elise Hall, Leesvilles star pole vaulter, competed against many of the states top athletes and brought home the State title.

Pole vault season is all year long for Hall. You can find her training at Pole Vault Carolina, three days a week for at least two hours each training session. Hall is extremely dedicated to pole vaulting. Each day she improves and continues to clear higher marks.

As competition day approached, Hall couldn’t contain her excitement. “I was just really really excited and I wasn’t nervous at. I was just filled with so much excitement,” said Hall.

Hall spent the day anxiously waiting for her time to jump. She took advantage of pole vaults five o’clock start and spent her day relaxing. However, the wait never phased Hall. She entered the competition with complete confidence she was going to clear twelve feet. “I was expecting to clear twelve feet, I just needed to execute the perfect jump to get it,” said Hall. Although Hall was confident in clearing twelve feet, she wasn’t expecting to take home the title; seeded above Hall was one other vaulter.

After clearing 11’6” Hall stepped on the runway for her first attempt at twelve feet. After a nearly perfect jump Hall unfortunately knocked down the bar.  

“My first jump at twelve feet. I was so mad because it was so close, and it barely fell down. I was filled with so much anger but I used that anger and channelled it… I just stood there and visualized it and got super angry, then just ran really hard and got over the bar,” said Hall.

As Hall took the runway for her second attempt at twelve feet she knew she would execute the perfect jump. Hall cleared the bar with ease bringing her to the top of the board. “Relief…So much relief,” said Hall, describing how she felt after her jump. However, her State Champion Title wasn’t secured yet.

Halls toughest competitor still had one more attempt at twelve feet. As her competitor began her run, Hall couldn’t watch. Anxiously waiting to hear the crowds response as to whether she was the champion. Relief for Hall continues as the crowd ‘sighs.’ Hall’s teammates attack her in excitement as she is officially named the state champion.

Hall proudly takes her spot on the top of the podium with her well deserved gold medal around her neck. “It still doesn’t feel real… I worked so hard and I finally did it,” said Hall.

Hall is excited to enter her next competition with her new title as NCHSAA State Champion. March 9, Hall will be attending New Balance Nationals in New York City where she will be jumping in the emerging elite flight. Hall has high aspirations to place in the top three, which would classify her as an All American Athlete. Although this may seem like a daunting challenge, Hall is ready to meet it head on.“My mental strength is the highest it’s ever been…its a lot of self confidence that you have to build up in yourself,” said Hall.

As for now, Hall is back to weekly training and meets. To watch Leesvilles state champ you can find the outdoor track schedule on the Leesville website and show your support at Leesvilles first meet March 1st. Don’t forget to congratulate Elise on her great accomplishment when you see her!


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