Wed. Jul 6th, 2022


“Oh Baby!” was performed in the intermission between “Dearly Departed” and “Red Velvet Cake Wars”. The cast consisted of freshmen and sophomores in the Leesville’s Theatre Department and was directed by Ally Gee (junior)  and Mickey Langley (senior).

Only spanning about fifteen minutes, the performance follows a baby shower and the hilarious hijinks of the family members and friends. As well as directing it, the show was also written by Gee and Langley.

Going into the show, I didn’t have that high of expectations, but by the end I was pleasantly surprised at the effort and hard work put into the show. The acting was incredibly mature for freshmen and sophomores, and I often forgot that the show was being performed by underclassmen.

Aside from the actual acting, the dialogue and set pieces were also unbelievable. While there wasn’t an actual painted background, the costumes and makeup was unbelievable. I have a newfound appreciation of underclassman in the Theatre Department.

Overall, I found that the Theatre Department has done it again. The have made immature and rowdy underclassmen into a smooth running actors and actresses, which is the best achievement of all.     

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