The Red Velvet Cake War

The LRHS Theatre performed two shows on Friday and Saturday, and also performed a preview show on Wednesday. (Photo courtesy of Erin Darnell)

The cast of “Red Velvet Cake War” performed their last show on Saturday, November 18, at 2 p.m. The show starred the Verdeen family, more specifically the three Verdeen cousins – Gaynelle played by Loren Wait, Peaches played by Avery Davis, and Jimmie Wyvette played by Jaeden Flagg.

The Verdeen family is currently the hottest gossip of the town, due to Gaynelle being accused of “accidentally” crashing her car into the wall of her husband’s mistress’s mobile home.

To avoid further embarrassment to the family and herself, Aunt Lamerle played, by Maggie Brown, cancels the annual Verdeen family reunion. In order to prove that Gaynelle is mentally stable, the three cousins decide to throw the reunion themselves, under the watchful eye of court appointed psychologist Dr. Elsa, played by Lainie Martin.

Chaos ensues when Gaynelle becomes fed up with Aunt Lamerle’s constant judgement and rudeness and decides to challenge Aunt Lamerle to a red velvet cake baking contest, forgetting the fact that Aunt Lamerle red velvet cake is famous all over the town.

Realizing she wouldn’t win, Gaynelle asks her best friend, Cee Cee, played by Carson Campbell, to make a red velvet cake for the contest so Aunt Lamerle won’t win and Gaynelle won’t lose her house.

After knowing her session with Dr. Elsa did not go well, Gaynelle asks her neighbor Newt, played by Alex Balla, to distract Dr. Elsa, in hopes of receiving a better score on her observation. Dr. Elsa suffers from a head injury, causing her to forget about the previous craziness and anger shown by Gaynelle.  Newt then coaxes Dr. Elsa to pass Gaynelle, so she will not end up going to a mental hospital.

In the end, the three cousins realize that although life can make them feel crazy and angry, they have each other and a family to support them through the rough patches of life.

I found Red Velvet Cake War to be one of funniest and most entertaining the plays I’ve ever seen. From the craziness of the not-so-sane Gaynelle, to the slapstick humor by Great Uncle Aubrey, played by Jack Nolan, there was constant laughter from every crowd member. The play truly depicted the real life troubles of having a crazy family, but it also showed how much family can help in times of need.

Overall, the Red Velvet Cake War was an amazing play from the actors, to the sets, to the lines itself.  Once again, the LRHS Theatre program wows everyone with another successful show.

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