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Dearly Departed Was A Hit!


The Leesville Theatre Department’s production of “Dearly Departed” was performed November 14, 16, and 18 and was absolutely amazing. From the acting to the set to the makeup, the Theatre Department truly outdid themselves.

“Dearly Departed”, a play written by David Bottrell and Jessie Jones, is a comedy about the dysfunctional and Southern Turpin family. After their patriarch drops dead in the first scene, the play spirals into the lives of the family members left behind and their own problems. With the great dialogue and characters, the result is pure hilariousness.

The most important part of the show was the actors themselves. The theatre department had a great deal of diversity in its casting, with underclassmen and well as upperclassmen performing side by side. Ms. Tarson is always looking for new talent, no matter if you have taken five years of theatre or just started.

Katelyn Sherman, Suzanne Turpin in “Dearly Departed”, is a sophomore and is debuting in her first Leesville production. “My favorite part has definitely been getting to grow as an actor and learn from everyone else. The upperclassmen have been so nice and helpful, and I’m really glad I got the chance to grow close with them” said Sherman via text.

Overall, “Dearly Departed” was a stunning show, one of the funniest and most comical shows that Leesville has executed, and next year’s fall play has big shoes to fill!


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