Ticket to Play Process– What You Need to Know.


Thankfully the ticket to play process has been simplified. For the student athletes interested in participating in any sport at Leesville the ticket to play process is one you must be familiar with.

Ticket to play determines a student’s eligibility to participate in a sport. To meet the criteria students must have all participation forms as well as their physical complete. Participation forms include questions about student’s grades, absences, and parent permission. The physical consists of medical forms that must be filled out the student’s physician. The forms can be found on the Leesville website under ‘athletics.’

The ticket to play process has become quick, easy, and efficient in the recent years. Before the process was simplified, it was very complex and tedious for everyone. Students would have to complete all forms and then wait in lines stretching the length of the main hall in the Murphy building. Often times students would wait the entire smart lunch period standing in line and never reach the front.

Now, once the forms are completed students can turn them into Mrs.Ennis, athletic trainer and health science teacher at Leesville or Coach Rogers, athletic director at Leesville; prior to the designated ticket to play days.

“Last year we decided to have coaches have interest meetings prior to the start of their season. Coaches provide Coach Rogers and myself a list of potential athletes and we go ahead and check ahead of time.” said Susan. Ennis, athletic trainer and health science teacher at Leesville.

If Ennis or Rogers determine the forms are complete, the student’s name is added to the pre check list. The lists are then posted in the athletics hall way and outside of Ennis’ classroom. Being added to the pre-check list means the student does not have to stand in line on the designated ticket to play days.

This year the majority of students participating in winter sports are already pre checked and will receive their ticket to play from the coach of the sport they are trying out for on the first day of tryouts.

The opportunity to turn forms in early has cut back lines significantly and made the process less hectic. So, if you are interested in participating in any sport at Leesville, be sure to meet all eligibility criteria for ticket to play and turn your forms in early to beat the lines.


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