Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

On Thursday, November 2, around five hundred sophomores from Leesville took the Pre-ACT, the Preliminary American College Testing.  The Pre-ACT is a multiple choice test with the purpose of simulating the ACT, a college entrance exam taken by juniors and seniors. The test lasts around two hours and includes the same four subjects that are included on the ACT: math, reading, science, and english, but the test does not include a written essay section.

Students take the Pre-ACT during their sophomore year of high school, but certain middle schools will offer the Pre-ACT during 7th grade to introduce students to high school level standardized testing. The Pre-ACT taken at Leesville is free, so all sophomores must take the test.

The Pre-ACT is scored with the same number range as the ACT, using the 1-36 scale, 1 being the lowest possible score, and 36 being the highest possible score. None of the Pre-ACT scores achieved will count for anything, they are just supposed to give a student an idea of what they would score on the actual exam. This overall number is called a composite number, which is simply the average of the math, science, reading, and English sections.

Taking the Pre-ACT provides an opportunity for colleges to gain information about future applicants, but there are no scholarship opportunities associated with the Pre-ACT.

Although there are no immediate benefits to the Pre-ACT, the test is free to take and is an easy way for sophomores to prepare to take the actual exam. “I’m glad the Pre-ACT is mandatory because I now feel more prepared for the ACT and it was actually pretty easy,” said Rebecca Michaud, sophomore via text.

The Pre-ACT is a useful test designed to provide students a glimpse into what taking the actual ACT is like. Taking the Pre-ACT help teach students how to pace their time correctly for future SAT and ACT testing.

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