Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

During the Fall sports season, Leesville students spend their Friday nights in the football stands. Whether it is at Hamilton Stadium or another team’s field, Leesville students always come out and support the football team.

The friday night games are a great way to show school spirit while also hanging out with friends. “I go to football games because it’s a way outside of school to show school spirit. It gives me a time outside of school to hang out with friends, and for all to just come together,” said Abbey Putnam, an LRHS junior.

One of the highlights of each football game is the student section. In Leesville’s stadium, two sets of bleachers hold all the spirited loonies. Standing on the bleachers with fellow students is a one-of-a-kind experience. “The atmosphere: it’s crazy, but fun,” said Jalen Benjamin, a LRHS junior.

Unique to Leesville’s student section is the halftime activities. There is “story-time” where seniors write and share a story about how the Pride beats the opposing team’s mascot. Then comes “rollercoaster”, where seniors lead all of the students in an imaginary ride. “My favorite part is the rollercoaster — rollercoaster and the storytime. It helps create a better environment,” said Benjamin.

The energizing atmosphere of the student section helps motivate other spectators to show their loonie support, while also showing the football players they are supported. “When you’re at a leesville game you’re cheering for the team, but also the people and the atmosphere,” said Putnam.

The cheering in the student section is a great way to spend time with friends, while also supporting classmates. Come support the Pride this Friday at 7 in Hamilton Stadium.

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