Sun. Aug 14th, 2022

When Sidney Credle was a ninth grader, he was enrolled in Mr. Kelly’s aerospace class, and his brother, Austin, was beginning the application process for the United States Naval Academy. Little did Credle know, these two events would influence his decision to pursue his own acceptance into the Naval Academy.

Though Credle knew little about the Naval Academy prior to his brother’s application process, he soon discovered the opportunities the academy provides. “It’s just a great opportunity for me to excel academically and also serve my country at the same time. I’ve always had the desire to serve my country, and having this while getting a STEM education at the top public college in America is definitely an opportunity that I am interested in,” said Credle.

Not only did Credle’s brother serve as a role model and inspiration, but Mr. Kelly’s aerospace class did as well. Work on flight simulators and learning about aviation sparked a curiosity within Credle, which has inspired him to pursue being an aerospace engineer or Naval aviator.

The application process for the Naval Academy is much more difficult and challenging than any typical college application, making it extremely competitive. Credle has had to excel academically, take the CFA (Candidate Fitness Assessment), pass a medical exam, and secure a congressional nomination.

The congressional nomination involves another application process just to be considered to be nominated. “I have to send my SAT scores, my resume, recommendations, my GPA weighted and unweighted…they only have a limited number of nominations, so there’s no guarantee you will get it,” said Credle.

To top it all off, Credle had to partake in a three hour interview with a “local blue and gold officer.”

Credle is still waiting to hear if he has received his congressional nomination but hopes that by next year, there will be two Credle’s at the Naval Academy.

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