Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

For many students at Leesville, the culmination of our educational journey is marked by throwing our caps into the air during senior graduation. Former student Tyler Stocum, however, decided to change his high school path after junior year in pursuit of a different, unique experience.

“I decided to attend Pro5 Academy because I felt like it provided me with a new opportunity to further my baseball skills; to see how far I could go,” said Tyler Stocum, a senior and a new student athlete in the academy’s pilot year.

The program provides top level baseball instruction from retired minor and major league players and coaches, appealing to high school ballplayers looking to improve their game. “They have a ton of experience, so they’ve really helped us gel together as a team and be successful.” said Stocum. The program’s rigorous schedule entails fall and spring playing seasons surrounding a winter workout period. This is perfect for Stocum, who wishes to take his talents in the sport to the collegiate level.

With a schedule that requires traveling out of the region and playing multiple games on a weekly basis, it would be challenging to maintain a normal Monday-Friday schedule in a traditional classroom environment. The program, however, has this base covered. “I take online classes through K-12 Academy, which is an international program for students with [variable] schedules like me. It gives me the freedom to complete my assignments on my own time,” said Stocum.

With the fall season completed and workouts underway, Stocum is looking forward at what’s to come during the weeks ahead. “I’ve really enjoyed this positive experience so far, and I’m certainly looking forward to what’s next,” he said.

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