LRHS Wrestling Team Holds Annual “Blue/Green”

Max Buico and Richie Rizzuto, two sophomores at Leesville, shaking hands before their match, on November 9, 2017. There were twelve total matches wrestled. (Photo courtesy of Matt Wiener)

Things are just heating up for the wrestling team as the cold temperatures come into Raleigh. Less than a week before their first meet of the season, the Leesville wrestling team held its annual “Blue/Green” match. All of the wrestlers on the team were split into two teams, the blue team and the green team. Teams were recognized by the color of their singlet.

Each team was led by a captain. Zack Hedgepeth, was the captain of the green team, while Simeon Ruff, was the captain of the blue team. Teams were pitted against each other in one on one action, depending on weight class. The event had twelve matches, including some wrestlers competing twice on the night.

Match 1: Richie Rizzuto (B) vs. Max Buico (G)

The early periods showcased Rizzuto keeping control on Buico, but Buico continued to bring the fight. The energy was electric inside of the gym, with cheers from both the fans and teammates. The match went into overtime, but in the end of the thriller, Richie won the bout, giving an early advantage to the blue team.  

Match 2: Andy Trago (G) vs. Julius Rice (B)

Trago and Rice could not seem to keep each other down for a long period of time. Trago gained the early advantage, but multiple escapes by Rice helped him out in the long run. Though the match could’ve gone either way, the win was taken by Rice, for the blue team’s second in a row.

Match 3: Tucker Jessup (G) vs. Simeon Ruff (Captain, B)

In a freshman-senior matchup, the result was determined rather quickly. Ruff (senior) pinned Jessup in 15 seconds. The the result was expected, but complete respect was shown by both competitors.

Match 4: Zack Hedgepeth (G Captain) vs. Justin Zacharko (B)

The match fired off quickly with Zacharko taking control early, attempting to keep Hedgepeth on the ground. Hedgepeth retaliated, however, and took control near the end of the first period. Hedgepeth finished the job by pinning Zacharko with just under a minute in the second period remaining.

Match 5: Gavyn Diette (G) vs. Tyrell Green (B)

The energy was real during this match. Diette did have a lead in points during the third period, but Green made a huge comeback thanks to multiple takedowns. With the third period ending quick, Green completed the comeback seconds before the match was over.

Match 6: Nathan Henshall (G) vs. Cole Patterson (B)
Patterson brought the fight early, and had momentum on his side. He never lost it. With just about 30 seconds left in the first period, Patterson pinned Henshall to win the match.

Match 7: Seth Leonard (G) vs. Jordan McDonald (B)

Once the match started, momentum was given to Leonard quick and early. McDonald could not seem to get much control of his opponent if at all. Leonard pinned McDonald with just over 30 seconds in the first period.

Match 8: Cole Rathke (G) vs. Brandon Jones (B)

The match started off quick with Rathke getting a huge takedown on Jones, but that was one of the few bright spots for Rathke in this matchup. Once Jones took total control, Rathke could not get going. At the end of three periods, Jones won the matchup by a big point total.

Match 9: Adam Aldridge (G) vs. Paul Hock (B)

Aldridge gained momentum early in the matchup, and got Hock down on the mat fast. As Hock tried to escape, Aldridge kept his control, overtaking Hock’s. Aldridge then pinned Hock with 40 seconds left in the first period, overall an impressive performance by Aldridge.

Match 10: Ashton Slagle (G) vs. Julius Rice (B)

In Rice’s second match of the night, he gained quick control of Slagle. Though he escaped multiple pin attempts while on the mat, Rice proved to be too much for Slagle. Rice pinned Slagle for his second victory of the night.

Match 11: Tucker Jessup (G) vs. Andrew Cash (B)

As the match started, Jessup got Cash on the mat fast. However, as he did fight off a pin attempt, Cash was pinned by Jessup in the first period. In his second match of the night, Jessup left the mat with one win and one loss.

Match 12: Jake Polansky (G) vs. Justin Zacharko

In the final matchup of the evening (second for Zacharko), Polansky went straight to work on Zacharko. Just like that, with 50 seconds left in the first period, Polansky pinned his opponent in dominating fashion.


When the matches concluded, both teams shook hands and showed respect for each other. The night was a success for the fans who came out to watch the team, as they were treated to a preview of how the team will bode this season. The Leesville wrestling team has its first meet at home on Wednesday, November 15th.


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