Powderpuff football returns

The current seniors who will be returning to Powderpuff this year. The tournament will take place on November 1, at 5 pm. (Photo used by permission of Baldwin Bell)

October is the month where football season is in full swing, and it is no different for the Powderpuff teams at Leesville.

A homecoming tradition at Leesville, Powderpuff is something the competitors are excited for during the last week of October. Powderpuff is the women’s flag football at Leesville, where the girls are separated by their grades. Girls from all over Leesville come together to showcase their football skills through Powderpuff.

Led by Mrs. Mayfield and Mr. Gaston, the Powderpuff program creates an opportunity for girls who may or may not be on a sports team to have an opportunity to play on a team with their peers.

“[I’m most excited for] making new friends in all grades, and just being a part of the team,” said Bailie Cook, a sophomore at Leesville, and new to the Powderpuff program.

The teams are coached by male student coaches from Leesville, who volunteer their time and work after school in order to help the girls learn and understand the game of football. Since the coaches are students at Leesville, it creates a more comfortable and relaxed environment for the girls in Powderpuff.

The official Powderpuff games take place on November 1st, at 5 pm. The teams that are competing have the month of October to prepare their game plans and get into prime shape for their games.

During this big event, the girls competing will be playing against each other in a single elimination tournament. In the teams, made of girls in the same grade, face off against other grade levels in the school. The seniors compete against the freshman, and the sophomores battle the juniors. The winners of each game compete in a final battle for one grade to be known as the ultimate winner.

Last year at Leesville, Powderpuff took a much different direction for how the games were played. Due to a shortage of girls interested in playing, the teams that were supposed to face off against each other ended up teaming up. In one game, the freshman and seniors battled against the juniors and sophomores for the event.

Things look to be back to the original game format this year, as many girls of all grades at Leesville has shown and expressed interest.

On the field, attitudes and actions can quickly intensify during the games. “I enjoy seeing how excited the girls get when they play,” said Mrs Mayfield.

Powderpuff creates a chance for the classes to come together for a common cause: winning the games and making strong bonds between teammates. For the upcoming 2017 Powderpuff season, the girls are more fired up than ever to get on the field and play.


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