Sport Statistics Club Holds First Meeting

Henry Lee, Sports Statistics Club president, calculates his projected fantasy football score. The club meets in Mrs. Cade’s room every third wednesday of the month. (Photo Courtesy of Ben Zahavi)

On September 13, Sports Statistics Club held their first meeting of the year. The meeting was held to add new members and discuss future events the club will host.

The club’s main focus is to evaluate the benefit of statistics in the sporting world. “Sports Statistics Club is about bringing people together to talk about sports and talk about the differences of teams, who’s going to win, based upon statistical data. It is going to let us have fun with sports, while still learning,” said Henry Lee, president and senior.

Officers of the club encourage anyone interested to come check out a meeting. “I think everyone would enjoy being a part of this club. A lot of great people are involved and the environment is awesome,” said Kevin Zheng, vice president and senior.

A large part of the meeting was assigned to organizing the agenda for the rest of the year. During the fall season, the club is utilizing NFL ESPN fantasy to build understanding of statistics — decision making based on multiple statistical variables. When the NBA begins in the winter, the club will switch to a basketball fantasy league. In addition, the club will be creating march madness brackets in the spring.

Members of the club are looking forward to the rest of the year. “It was a lot of fun to get together with the other members of the club to discuss our fantasy football teams. I’ve never participated in a fantasy league before so it’s a really cool experience to learn from people who have a lot more experience with it. It’s been a lot of fun,” said Josh England, new member of Sports Statistics Club and senior.

The Sports Statistics Club will meet in Mrs. Cade’s room, room 1125, every third wednesday of the month. For more information and to stay updated, follow the club’s twitter @lrhssportstats.


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