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Plans for 2017 Homecoming are well underway

Homecoming Week may not start until October 9, but the planning process for Homecoming is already underway.

Last May, the Leesville Executive Council decided on a theme for the week, and at its weekly meeting on September 5, the members and the officers selected the individual themes for the days of the 2017 Homecoming Week.

The approved theme for the week is Seasons of the Year, but the individual days will not be announced until the Leesville administrators approve them; however, Executive Council members feel they have made choices that everyone at Leesville will enjoy.

“I’m really excited.…I think all the days that we decided on are all days…that everybody’s gonna participate in…hopefully,” said Cece Marks, a junior at Leesville and one of the Executive Council’s two Vice Presidents. “I think that should be so much fun.”

Earlier in the year, the Leesville administrators also made important decision: not to hold a 2017 Homecoming Dance.

“The ticket sales have been declining and declining each year, and last year, they didn’t sell enough tickets to pay for the preparations for the dance, so they really lost money,” said Ms. Waechter, Leesville Assistant Principal.

The Leesville administration may have ultimately made the decision to cut the dance, but the Executive Council agreed with its choice. Executive Council members and officers must attend the dance every year, so they have seen firsthand the neglect that the Homecoming Dance has received from Leesville students.

“[The dance] was not working, and so…since we had been there, it was kind of like, ‘okay…we need to change things up,’ so [the decision to eliminate the dance] was supported,” said Marks.

Opinions on the matter vary at Leesville, but some students are definitely disappointed that they will miss out on the Homecoming Dance this year.

“I want to get the full high school experience, you know?  Um, I feel it’s kind of unfair that why our year has to be taken out of having homecoming,” said Sophia Parsons, a freshman at Leesville.

Students need not fear, for the absence of the dance will be the only major change made to this year’s Homecoming Week. The other festivities will remain the same.

“There will still be the Parade, and there will still be the Pep Rally.…The only difference is the Dance will not happen this year,” said Waechter.

For updates on Homecoming throughout the fall, follow @LRHSHC2017 on Twitter.



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