LRHS Dance Ensemble Looks Ahead to the Upcoming Year

Seniors Sara Atkinson (left) and Rachel Noser (right) cheer on the Pride at the first football game of the 2017-2018 season. (Photo used by permission of Liz Lemons)

As all students settle into the new school year, the LRHS Dance Ensemble have already begun their dance season. Tryouts for the dance ensemble occurred in February of last school year.

The girls who were interested in trying out walked into the black box to get a number for auditions. The number indicated the groups the girls would perform in. The girls were given a few songs to warm up. Preslie Hnatek, sophomore and new member to DE, tried out for the first time in February. “We went on to learn three different combos. One was contemporary, one was hip hop, and the last one was a football dance. After we learned them [the combos] they called in groups one by one and performed the dances.  Results for who made the team were posted later that night,” said Hnatek.

Dance ensemble is so much more than just a class at Leesville. They perform at various sporting events and pep rallies, including all football games and select basketball games. Besides cheering on the Pride, the dancers will take a trip in February to Disney. There, they will take classes and improve their dancing as well as enjoying the parks.

The DE does mostly jazz with a modern twist, but they will occasionally include some hip hop moves into their choreography.

“I’m really excited for the pep rally, but I’m also really excited for the winter parade, which is the whole of Raleigh so that’s cool,” said Reese Layh, sophomore and new member to the team.

The DE performs on November 18, at 9:40 a.m. in the annual Christmas parade hosted by WRAL-TV Station. The parade runs for approximately 1.4 miles, starting at Hillsborough Street and disbanding at Lenoir Street.

In dance ensemble, being a senior means more responsibility with choreographing the dances performed by the girls. “I’m excited to be a senior this year in dance ensemble because we usually get to like, make everything up so, it’s more fun to like be the one who’s in charge,” said Claire Fuller, senior.

If you are an aspiring dancer, the LRHS Dance Ensemble is a great way to further your dance skills, and form long-lasting friendships with girls who share the same love for dance.


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