Leesville Students Change Lives One Wish at a Time

Students of Leesville join in the auditorium to hear about the Make-A-Wish Club. The Make-A-Wish Club holds an interest meeting every year for new and returning members to draw attention to the club. (Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Stocum)

The Make-A-Wish Club held their annual interest meeting on September 6. New and returning members listened to the club president and various officers explain what the purpose of the Make-A-Wish Club is.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation was founded in 2004 by Frank Shankwitz, Scott Stahl, and Linda Bergendahl-Pauling with the purpose to give terminally ill children one final wish. This could be a trip to Disney World or the kids meeting their favorite sports player. “I joined Make-a-Wish Club as a way to help those who are struggling. I have never been in a situation like the kids that we are raising money for, but I know people who have and know that it is hard,” said Caroline Thompson, sophomore and new member.

The Make-A-Wish Club began two years ago, by both current and graduated students. According to Ms. Smith, advisor for the club, Make-A-Wish is all about thinking about others and taking time to do something for the benefit of somebody else who really needs love and consideration.

The Leesville Make-A-Wish Club holds annual fundraisers where all of the funds go straight to the local Make-A-Wish chapter in Raleigh. “Since last year so many more people have joined and so many more people know about the Make-A-Wish foundation and that’s a huge, huge deal,” said Shreeja Shah senior and president of the Make-A-Wish Club.

By joining the Make-A-Wish Club, you can receive service hours and raise money for a foundation that greatly changes the lives of children who battle with life-threatening illnesses day.


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