Senior Assembly: A Reflection of High School

The class of 2017 gathered in the gym for the senior assembly, decked out in their caps, gowns, and chords. The assembly illustrated their time spent in high school and celebrated their future. (Photo courtesy of Hannah Comeskey)


With the school year coming to a close, the seniors prepare for their final days at Leesville Road High School. To honor the graduating class, the senior assembly was held for parents, teachers, siblings, and friends to those graduating in celebration of their time spent at Leesville. The assembly is a final farewell to the seniors– wishing them good luck to wherever their futures may take them.

The assembly recognized the students on their academic achievements, admissions to college, and earned scholarships (over 13 million dollars worth). There is also a special dedication to those enlisting in service after high school– followed by a well-wishing round of applause from everyone in the gym.

To recognize their past, present, and future as growing adults in society, the assembly had three graduates give short but inspirational speeches to their fellow graduates. Makayla Mack recollected various memories from the senior’s past years at Leesville that made a few parents tear up.

Following Mack, David Robinson made everyone laugh by cracking jokes and even included a fitting rendition of Tomorrow from Annie. Lastly, Noah Czajkowski spoke about the future while successfully inserting lines from numerous songs into his speech.

Commemorating the year as a whole, the senior assembly finished off with a slide show put together by Jordan Hayes. Most seniors thought the slideshow was the highlight of the assembly after they viewed the collection of their captured memories.

Graduation is an important event in the lives of these young adults. It’s an event that they will remember for the rest of their lives. The senior assembly allowed the seniors to look back on their fondest memories in high school and look forward to their future.


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