Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

On April 19, Lana Del Rey released a new track of her upcoming album. Del Rey released “Lust for Life” which features The Weeknd. This is the second song Lana has released from her upcoming album, Lust for Life.

Though the release date for the upcoming album has not been announced, fans and reporters all get a feeling that its is coming soon. Del Ray has talked about what to expect on her new album — some acoustic tracks followed by a song collaboration with Sean Lennon.

However, the two tracks Lana has released from the new album have a very different sound. “Love” was the first single released, which features a romantic, retro but slightly futuristic sound. “Lust for Life” was the second single released, featuring a sixties-inspired sound with synth beats and keyboards surrounding both Lana’s and The Weeknd’s voice.

Focusing now more on just the single “Lust for Life”, the track does follow the “vibe” Lana put out in her album trailer for “Lust for Life” just a few weeks ago. The trailer featured Del Rey inside of the Hollywood sign, thinking and creating her music. On the single, Del Rey says “Climbing up the “H”, of the Hollywood sign”. Also, Lana and The Weeknd are featured on the singles lyric video sitting on top of the “H” of the Hollywood sign.

It is safe to say that this Lana album is the most anticipated and talked about album she has put out so far. It is rare for Del Rey to talk about her upcoming projects and ideas; however, she says that this new album is for her fans.

Listen to Lana Del Rey’s new song “Lust for Life here.

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