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Cameras to be Installed on Wake Buses

Recently, Wake County school system officials decided that every school bus used for morning and evening transportation will have a system of cameras installed to increase bus safety. Installations began during the week of April 10-14, when most were off on Spring Break. By June, each bus will have a system of four cameras installed.

One camera will be positioned at the front of the bus with a view of the driver and stairwell. A second will be installed with a view of the entire length of the cabin, where students sit. The third will be placed at the back of the bus with a view of the last four rows of seats. Lastly, the fourth will be facing the windshield. Cameras will have the ability to allow officials to review bus situations with more accuracy when it comes to the exact time and details of the incident.

Bill Poston, communications specialist for Wake County, is in charge of the camera installations.

“So one of the things we have found in testing out 102 cameras on school buses over the last year is that it does have an impact on safety on the bus. Bus drivers are busy paying attention to what is…on the road, and they aren’t in a position to command order on the bus easily, but that is another duty that they have [as a bus driver, is to manage] school buses. The cameras are a tool that allow the bus driver and the assistant principal to work together to make sure that the kids are behaving well, and are behaving in a manner that is safe…on the bus and not distracting to the bus driver,” said Poston.

The cameras will also be useful for administrators to determine the extent of a situation, especially if there is a complaint made by a student or bus driver. Overall, the intent of the cameras are to promote safety on buses and provide details if a behavior issue arises.

“Our hope is that the cameras will make the buses safer and improve conduct on the bus. So we are hoping it will benefit students, all students, by having a safer and quieter bus ride. And parents will be happy that their children are on a safer transportation system,” said Poston.


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