Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Tic Toc Escape, located in downtown Raleigh, brings a whole new meaning to a “little hole-in-the-wall” wonder. I had heard about how fun and exciting an escape room was so naturally, when I finally went for the first time, I had high expectations.

Tic Toc Escapes is an attraction that allows groups of people to get “locked” in a room, with the obvious goal of escaping. In order to get out, the people must follow the clues that are strategically hidden all throughout the room. Some of the clues include locks, black lights, puzzles, and keys.

The escape rooms have themes that you and your group can choose from. There is a the “Green Room” in which you and your team are a musical group hanging backstage before your “big break” concert. Unfortunately, the door is locked, and you must find the key to get out before the concert which starts in 60 minutes. There also is the “Locker Room.” In this room, you and your team are a group of athletes visiting town to train and compete, however the host team plays a trick on you to test your mental agility rather than your physical.

Each room has a maximum of eight people that can participate. My group had the maximum eight people trying to escape from the Green Room. Personally, I thought having eight people all in the room at once was a bit overwhelming and made it hard to figure out the clues since there were so many people working on figuring out separate clues. I recommend a smaller the group.

For the most part, I thought the escape room was a fun, team building experience; however, the price for each person to play was a tad ridiculous. Thirty dollars per person to participate in an escape room seems very overpriced. The experience was fun, but I don’t think it’s worth it to go back and do the other room.  

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