Pride Players Leaves Its Mark on Leesville

Before winter break, members pose with the blanket they made for a child spending the holidays in the hospital. Pride Players meetings consist of service projects to benefit the Leesville and Raleigh community. (Photo used by permission of Hannah Woody)

Pride Players, a new club to the 2016-2017 Leesville school year, made its mark on the Leesville community through their various service projects. The club is aimed towards busy Leesville student athletes and provides an outlet to contribute to their community during lunch.

“I really want people, especially our sponsors and our school, to feel like the athletes appreciate everything they do for us. [Also, we want to recognise] the parents and coaches –they are always recognising athletes, so we feel like everyone is supporting us and we want to thank them,” said Hannah Woody, president of Pride Players.

Each meeting, the members perform a service project that will have an impact on the school or people’s lives in a tangible way. In November, to celebrate Thanksgiving, the members created a large poster that was displayed in the sports hallway of a turkey. Around the turkey, there were paper feathers, each one with a personalized note from an athlete with a quote about an aspect of Leesville athletics that they are thankful for.

Before the December break, the club made blankets during lunch for those that would be spending their holiday in the hospital. Similarly, during the last meeting, members and officers painted a table for Coach Hensler and a stool for Coach Dinkenor.

“[Pride Players] gets athletes involved in the community when they don’t get a lot of opportunities [to help] because they are in practice…and to help the athletes and the school to become more connected,” said Woody.

The next Pride Players meeting will be in May. The exact date and time will be announced on their Twitter, @pride_players.


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