Upcoming State Championship Basketball Game (Leesville v.s Southwest Guilford)

The Pride prepare for the next play against Millbrook, on Feb. 20. They hold a 17-9 record heading into the state playoffs this week against the D.H. Conley Vikings. (Photo Used by Permission of Bob Stewart)

Since the end of the basketball season, the men’s varsity has been hard at work practicing and preparing for their final game. The Pride has gone undefeated since their game against Wakefield and hopes that their streak continues.

“I hope to represent Leesville in the best way possible. We [the team] just wanna go out there and bring one home,” said Duncan Hammock, senior.

As the day of the State Championship comes closer, players are starting to feel the pressure. The boys are definitely feeling the weight of wanting to do well for not only themselves but for their school. “There’s gonna be a lot of pressure to do well, but we just gotta get by [play the game]. We [the team] can’t think about that,” said Wesley Zemonek, junior.

“During play-offs, we listened to Coach Frazier more and started having additional work-outs; we haven’t lost any games. So I think that’s saying something,” said Mark Velez, junior.

In the games leading up to the State Championship, the Pride has played even more collectively as a team than they had during the season. “They [Men’s Varsity] have gotten closer. They’ve learned to embrace each other’s roles [on the team] and each other’s personalities. That’s something you can only develop over a course of time,” said Jonathan Frazier, head coach.

The chemistry the Pride has in the game is the key to what has lead them to the State Championship.

Saturday afternoon, Reynold’s Coliseum will be jam-packed with the green-colored T-shirts. Leesville students are ready to cheer on the Pride and watch Southwest Guilford self-destruct as the Men’s Varsity dominates the court.


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