Leesville’s Executive Council Prepares for 2017 State Convention

Erika Nelson, a junior, and Hayden Stephens, a sophomore, paint a banner stating “91st State Convention” to decorate the school. They are members of Leesville’s Executive Council that have worked to prepare for the convention. (Photo Courtesy of Erin Darnell)

On March 17-19 Leesville will host the North Carolina Association of Student Councils State Convention. Executive and student councils from around North Carolina will gather at Leesville to tour downtown Raleigh and learn about leadership.

Executive council has worked hard to plan and decorate for the event. There are five committees ranging from planning each day, raising money, and creating decorations for the school. Almost everyday after school, members could be found working for hours at a time to plan and create all the decorations that will adorn the school.

In order for this event to run smoothly, members of Executive Council have performed a number of tasks over the past few months. Members have raised money and seeked sponsorship as well as planning events downtown. During the weekend, all of the guests at the convention rotate around the downtown Raleigh area including: the Legislative building, Capitol grounds, Museum of Natural Sciences and Museum of Natural History. In addition, the Executive Council has assembled a display on the history of the state convention.

Through planning and preparation, the convention has provided an opportunity for Leesville’s Executive Council to grow. “We are all becoming better leaders from [the convention planning] and [we are] all taking initiative and responsibility,” said Marks.

There is still more work to be done, but the Executive Council is working hard to prepare for the convention in order to represent Leesville well.


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