Food Friday: Jersey Mike’s vs. Subway

Jersey Mike’s has been in business for over 60 years and continues to have great success. Interestingly, the second owner of Jersey Mike’s was only 17 when he bought the business! (Photo borrowed by permission of Wikipedia).

With limited time to get food during smart lunch, fast food sandwich shops have become a staple for high school students. Sandwich shops offer cheap, healthy, and a fast lunch.

This week in Food Friday, Subway and Jersey Mike’s are going head to head. So, which restaurant do Leesville students like better?

One of the best things at Jersey Mike’s is the option to have your sandwich Mike’s way; by asking for this you automatically add on a multitude of sandwich toppings. Rachel Haywood, a Leesville sophomore, said, “Mike’s way always makes a sandwich better, so definitely get it.”

Another interesting thing Jersey Mike’s offers is the widespread menu; students can purchase anything from a cold sandwich to wraps to cheese steaks. Haywood also said, “Jersey Mike’s bread is way better than other places.” With so many unique menu options, Jersey Mike’s is sure to please everyone.

The best thing about Subway, according to LRHS students, is the location and the deals. With the closest Subway being only 1.0 miles away from the school, it is a great option for students in a rush. Another great part about eating at Subway is the student deal; for only five dollars and some change, a LRHS student gets a six inch sub, a bag of chips, one cookie, and a regular fountain drink.

Kathryn Facinelli, a LRHS sophomore, said, “Subway has really good sandwiches for a really good price.”

In a survey conducted at Leesville, it was concluded that 51% of LRHS students prefer Jersey Mike’s over Subway. While Subway does have really great deals, Jersey Mike’s’ fresh ingredients help them to have a sub above for Leesville students.


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