The xx “I See You” Review

The xx recently dropped their new album “I See You”, which is making a noise in mainstream music billboards. The UK trio is known for their zenful, indie guitar rock sound with calm, emotional lyrics. However, the band’s first two albums “xx” (2009) and “Coexist” (2012) seemed to fit the urban heavy guitar and beat drops trends of the era — therefore the new album differs in a way of containing meaningful lyrics and passionate beats.

The xx seemed to stick true to their roots for this album, with songs that showcase each individual’s strengths and talents in a way that seems natural for the trio. Romy Madley Croft, the female vocalist of the group, flawlessly laces her lyrics into the bands zenful theme for the album. Occasionally throughout the album, you can hear Oliver Sim–bass player and vocalist–tie his lyrics into Crofts’, creating a romantic tone.

Jamie “xx” Smith is the beats and productionist of the trio. Previously known for his solo work record producing, DJing and remixing, Jamie xx seems to unify the sound of The xx. His beat production in the new album is very him, in a way where many various sounds can be combined in a unified soft beat.

Personally, I was introduced to The xx by listening to their previous album “Coexist”. Liking their melancholy sound with varied bass, I started to listen to the band frequently. I didn’t know what to expect from the new album “I See You”, due to the fact the band advertised the release as something that is “meaningful” to them. Now, after listening to the new album and comparing it to “Coexist”, I can see where “I See You” represents the band more has their unique sound.

If I had to rate the new album on a scale of 1-5, I would rate a 4. But, if you have previously listened to The xx before this album may throw you off. However, I believe that the band’s signature style is still present. “I See You” is a great album to listen to if you are doing homework or want a relaxing car ride.

The album can be found on Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music.


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