Singing Valentines Spread Love Around Leesville

Three students pose with their carnations and singing valentines. Singing Valentines are an opportunity for students to spread love and appreciation to their friends or significant others. (Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Spear)

On February 14, small choral groups travelled the school to fill classrooms with cheer and song to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  

The week preceding the “holiday,” students had the opportunity to purchase Singing Valentines during lunch. Students had a list of songs to choose from to send to a friend or secret crush. The songs include “Be There For You”, “I’m Yours,” “Lean on Me,” “Let Me Love You,” “Longest Time,” “Silly Love Songs,” and “Wise Men.”

One Singing Valentine cost $4 while three cost $10, and a complementary red carnation came with each as well.

The Singing Valentines are a way for students to spread Valentines Day love to friends, teachers, or significant others. “They provide a special way to show someone you love them or that you are thinking about them,” said Patricia Hash, a senior.

The chorus classes spent weeks to memorize the songs and prepare for the performances. “After the few new songs were selected, we spent time in class over the past two or three weeks learning the new songs and rehearsing some of the older ones,” said Campbell Tate, a junior.

The groups performed the Singing Valentines during first and second periods, and though it was meant to be in good spirit, it brought some embarrassment to some students. “I was confused and embarrassed because I was not expecting it, and it happened in front of the entire gym. When you have a bunch of students singing just for you in front of your class, then it’s definitely embarrassing,” said Carson McNally, a senior.
Singing Valentines is a Leesville tradition that always brings joy and smiles to students all around the school, and a small break in class to appreciate the spirit of Valentine’s Day.


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