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Leesville’s Mainstage Program Presents: Romeo and Juliet

Leesville’s Mainstage theatre program performed their latest show of Romeo and Juliet on Thursday, February 2. The setting was the 1940s where “fantasy, mystery, and magic are at play with two young lovers” wrote Katrina C.Tarson, the director of the play.

The heartbreaking tragedy was more than entertaining to watch as stars Noah Czajkowski, playing Romeo, and Loren Wait, playing  Juliet, lit up the stage. Everything from their demeanor to their attire was flawless.

“I feel the overall production was a success; we accomplished the goals we have set and I’m proud of all my cast mates and loved working with them,” said Czajkowski.

His belief of success was backed with an incredible standing ovation, one of the longest I’ve ever seen.

The play held much more than the romantic tragedy between Romeo and Juliet. The Leesville crew added music (including a song sung by Alex Aldrich), humor, and fight scenes.  These battles between Mercutio, played by Alex Balla, and Tybalt, played by Will Hollerung, were consistently entertaining and dramatic. Other key roles were played by Anne Bowers, nurse, Katherine Magee, nurse, Ryan Schiman, Lord Capulet, Jack Nolan, Lord Montague, and Jake Jeffers, Paris.

The cast had been working on the play for the past three months. Czajkowski explained how “[they] have worked on it almost every day since November whether it was running lines, creating the set, or improving scenes.”

Beyond the impressive acting, the play could not have been successful without the help of Carson Rainey, assistant director, and Shreeja Shan, stage manager, Jeaninne Wrayno,  technical supervisor, and many others.  The lighting, sound, scenic, props, costumes, and hair crews also played huge roles in the production of the play.

I highly recommend you see the next play “Almost Maine” by John Cariani on February 15, 16, 17 at 7 p.m.  Tickets are only $5, and you will be more than entertained by the skilled Leesville actors and producers.



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