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Leesville Students Participate in Solar Car Contest

Several students at Leesville Road High School are participating in the Solar Car Challenge, which allows teams of students to build and race their own solar cars.

The Solar Car Challenge has been held every year since 1993 in Dallas, Texas. According to the Challenge’s website, “more than 161 schools in 32 states now take part” in the competition. The event is designed to “give students an opportunity to show the country the product of their efforts.”

At the moment, the car isn’t much; in physical form, it’s just a hunk of metal with no motor, wheels or general structure. However, the team is confident in their plans, and they believe that they can execute their project before the big race in July.

In addition to participating in the competition, the group is constructing their car to “build a pathway to a brighter future” says Carson Tawes, a Leesville Solar Car team member. He says that “if a high school student can build a solar powered car, then that means any company can build [one].”

Tawes went on to say that “we’re not putting in any of our own money, we’re getting donations from the community.”

On whether or not the team has named their car, “It’s still a highly debated topic…we have gone over many different names,” Tawes said, with Solar Pride being the frontrunner.

The Solar Car Challenge race is set to be held in mid-July 2017 at the Texas Motor Speedway in Dallas, Texas.


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