Leesville receives new laptops

Leesville now has new laptops for students to use during classes. The new ThinkPad Ultrabook laptops are a significant upgrade to the classroom.

On Tuesday January 3, Leesville received eighty-four laptop carts — one for each non-CTE class. After a much needed improvement to the technology in the school, Leesville received new laptops because of a new county-wide initiative to provide new computers for its classes.

The laptops were a surprise to students when they walked into class to a new computer cart filled with laptops that didn’t have missing keys or glitchy screens. This caused excitement in the classes that typically use laptops daily.

New laptops aren’t just another upgrade to the classroom, they have many positive impacts. Students in classes such as newspaper, yearbook, and most English classes are now able to work on typed assignments without having to race to be the first in line to get a laptop.

One of the big movements in Wake County Schools is to provide students with digital learning opportunities. Coupled with the roll-out of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program this spring, students will be able to have technology in their hands in each classroom. This allows teachers to create more engaging lessons where students can do research in real-time, find applications to the content they are learning, and apply knowledge in meaningful ways. Engaged students should be the goal of every classroom, and these laptops should assist us in reaching this goal,” said Kate Fehling, Leesville Assistant Principal.

The new laptops will be a benefit to the classroom environment. Students can participate in kahoot, quizlet live, and other studying resources that teachers use, as well as work on assignments in class. Research can be conducted during class time and students can be engaged in interactive lessons.



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