Gamble Wins CAP 8 Diving Meet

Elizabeth Gamble nails a Forward 1 ½ Pike en route to her podium finish. One of the more advanced dives, this trick requires perfect timing to avoid flopping. Used by permission of Lori Campoli Photography.

Pike variations and tuck flips captivated the audience in the stands at the Willis R. Casey Aquatics Center. And when the splashes finally settled, it was clear who had exited victorious.

“I felt super excited when I won,” said Elizabeth Gamble, Junior, the winner of the 2017 CAP 8 Diving Championship. “Our squad wanted to win by a lot this year, and I was happy to put some points up for us.”

Divers are able to compete off of three boards: the 1 m springboard (used in the CAP 8), the 3 m springboard, and the platform. Diving off the 1 m springboard requires a high amount of precision as little time is allowed between the jump and the landing. This makes the meets all the more suspenseful but makes landing the dives that much more exciting.

All in all, thirteen Leesville students and dozens from nearby schools made the trip to the Casey Aquatics Center at NC State to watch the meet.

Leesville, however, had the most epic chants, and even made posters to show their support. “The crowd was amazing,” said Elizabeth “I had no idea that many people were coming, which made it even more special.”

Gamble will look to build on her success on Friday as the girls head to Pullen Park Pool at 1:00 pm to take on regionals amidst competitors from several other districts. Head to the official Leesville Diving Twitter page (LRSwim_Dive) to check it out.


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