WCPSS Twitter Readies Itself for Another Winter Episode

The WCPSS Twitter account engages in banter with students asking for the day off in the face of impending winter weather. It’s a yearly tradition in Wake County. Photo Courtesy of Twitter

In a tradition as timeless and predictable as the season itself, students turn their attention to the WCPSS Twitter account ahead of predictions of winter weather expected to come through this weekend. Students on Thursday and Friday returned to the annual (And, rarely, bi-annual) debates between the county and the students subjected to the county’s decisions about what exactly constitutes a situation necessary to cancel school.

The decision to cancel all afterschool activities on Friday and all school related activities will probably do little qualm public discourse, for if considerable snow falls over the weekend, the account becomes the center of attention for students hoping for extra days off when the roads are too treacherous for the buses.

Wake County, which is notoriously skittish on canceling school following a 2005 snowstorm that was much larger than the county originally anticipated (it stranded over 3000 students in Raleigh schools overnight), has been known to cancel school for snowstorms that ultimately never materialize and keep canceling school until roads are completely clear of ice. This can lead to fairly high hopes among students concerning whether or not they “have school tommorow”.

Less than two weeks before exams, which have dates set in stone, students will eagerly await news about just how many last-minute assignments teachers will be able to give. And to pass the time, they’ll probably turn to the Wake County pastime of bothering the Twitter account.


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