The preparations and opinions of the upcoming exams

Teachers prepare their students for their classroom exams. Students take notes and play review games to go over information learned earlier in the semester. (Photo Courtesy of Kyla Stone-Houze)

Wake County exams are set to start January 18, and teachers are feeling the pressure to get assignment grades into PowerSchool. The days leading up to exams will consist of review material that students had learned throughout the semester.

“The [Wake County] goal is to have students get some sort of review of what they’ve learned for the whole year and prepare well for their exams,” said Catherine Sollie, spanish teacher.

Students are hoping to perform well on their exams and get through them without a hitch. Many students are taking advantage of review days while others are just hoping to get through the exam week unscathed. The day before exams are used by most classrooms for review and gives students the opportunity to ask any questions on the course material.

”I know as a teacher, what I do on those days is review a little bit each day from the material we’ve covered all year so that the students are better prepared for the cumulative exams,” said Sollie.

A number of students worry that their exam results will not be what they hoped for and feel that they are unnecessary.

“I honestly don’t understand why students have to do exams once they’ve completed all the classwork necessary to pass their classes. I don’t think it’s fair for the students who work hard in class and get good grades to have to worry about failing the curriculum exams which could possibly alter their grade in a class as a whole,” said Olivia Brown, a sophomore.

The days leading up to exams tend to be stressful for both teachers and students. On a positive note, students will soon be able to start fresh with new classes and high hopes for the next semester.


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