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Some seniors at Leesville have already begun to prepare for their upcoming college experience as this school year flies past the halfway point. To help this process along, LHRS hosted a Student College Panel on January 5 in the cafeteria. Seven Leesville graduates came back to answer questions from parents and students about what to expect from college.

The panel began at 6:30 with the students answering questions from two teachers standing on stage. The first topic that they discussed was the rooming and dorm situation. The audience was allowed to raise their hand and ask the panel questions.

Mostly seniors and their parents came to the meeting, although everyone was welcome to attend. “[I went to the college panel] because my mom told me,” said Matthew Keillor, one of the seniors who attended the panel. He didn’t regret it though. “It was helpful because I can get an insight on what I should come to expect,” he said.

The meeting was very informational and would have been especially useful for seniors nervous about preparing for college. The panel advised the parents and students on the academics, the differences between high school and college, time management tips, jobs and finances, scholarships, meal plans, class schedules, book rental vs. book buying, and the like.

“[I would recommend other people going to these types of things] because then you won’t go into college unprepared,” said Keillor.


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