Why Do We Vote?

Voting is one of our greatest privileges as Americans, every person should vote if eligible.

Why do we vote? Did we really want to support a loud mouthed businessman or another politician with a shady background? For many people, voting is just another civic duty that they feel obligated to fulfill. Others like to make a mockery of the ballots by voting for absurd people and things including Tina Fey, Oprah Winfrey, Vladimir Putin, and even a dead gorilla named Harambe. If the purpose and sentiment behind voting is gone, why even vote?

When I first turned 18, I was ecstatic about the opportunity to cast my vote and the fact that my voice would finally be heard. But as time elapsed and the more I submerged into the political world, the less thrilled I was to vote. My enthusiasm was further capsized with the downpour of degrading and demoralizing commercials and ads.  In addition to this, everyone I knew was solely supporting one candidate because they disliked the other more.

It felt as if neither candidate deserved my vote, and I had all but given up on voting this year.

Although when November 8, election day, rolled around I began to understand why we vote.

We vote for the thrill with our passion. Yes, of course we vote for which candidate we think can preserve and promote the prosperity of America, but this fundamental reason can often get masked by the drama, as it did for me. Thus, the thrill and passion within our hearts drives us to support one candidate or another. Election day created an atmosphere like no other, and it was the sole reason why I voted. I came to school with the idea that it was not worth my time to wait in a line all day just to cast my vote, but I have never been more wrong.

The whole school was hooked on the election and was filled with a plethora of emotions. This is crazy to say since politics can be a very dreary and a boring topic especially amongst teens. It felt just like any other global event, like the World Cup Finals, but on steroids because the outcome of this “one game” could leave everlasting remarks. Our excitement and passion for one candidate is what drives us to wait in endless lines to cast a mere vote, which seems like nothing on the national scale. People were so passionate about this year’s election that they went rioting through the streets! Even President-Elect Donald Trump commented that he “love(s) the fact that small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country” via Twitter.This passion is why we vote.

We vote for many more reasons than just our passion and the thrill of the election. We vote because it a privilege that is bestowed upon is the day we turn 18. We vote because it provides us with a sense of value and belonging. We feel that we can make a change by voting. We also vote just to vote — it’s an experience like no other and for me one I will never forget. That’s why I compel you to always vote, no matter the circumstances, because every vote counts and you never know your vote could change the history of the United States forever.


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