The Accountant Review

The official The Accountant movie poster. The Accountant has had mixed reviews from viewers and critics but has been praised for its action and suspense.

Rate: ★★★★

The Accountant, premiering in October 2016, is a gripping film that never surrenders an action-packed moment. The movie, starring Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick is consumed with action, but the many subplots can make it difficult to follow.

Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) is a mathematics genius who has high-functioning autism and a greater affinity for numbers than for people. Wolff leads a double life, using a modest CPA office as a cover up to his real business working for infamous international crime organizations.

After learning that the FBI has discovered his secret, Wolff accepts Living Robotics as a legitimate customer. The in-house accountant for the company, Dana Cummings (Anna Kendrick), has discovered suspicious financial discrepancies. The duo are soon able to discover that $61 million has been embezzled from the company. As Wolff begins to learn the truth about the discrepancies, things begin to turn violent.

Throughout The Accountant, there is never a slow moment, and the action always seems to rise but never fully reaches a climax. The film’s timeline feels scattered and never reaches its final destination, leaving the audience with questions.

The film’s subplots are mostly to blame for the film’s confusing storyline. The several subplots are at times overwhelming for the audience, and the audience is kept trying to piece together the film’s plot.

However, too much action may be a good thing as well. The film’s constant flow of action never seems to cease, and keeps the audience intrigued and captivated. The two major plot twists at the conclusion of the film add an element of surprise and awe for the audience.

Despite the film’s violence and brutality, a positive message may spur from The Accountant. The message that people with autism are equally capable in doing things as any other person, is prevalent. Wolff may serve to be as an inspirational figure for children with autism – except for his murderous behavior.

Ultimately The Accountant is a thrilling film and is highly recommended for anyone who relishes action and suspense. Though the film requires the audience’s utmost attention and is somewhat predictable, The Accountant delivers as a well-rounded film.


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