Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Lady Wood, is the second studio album release by Tove Lo, Swedish pop star. “Cool Girl” was the first single released from the debut album Lady Wood, following “Influence” and “True Disaster”. Tove Lo’s previous and first album, Queen of the Clouds included singles such as “Habits (Stay High)”, “Talking Body”, and “Moments” which were all on US Billboard Hot 100.

A unique perk of Lady Wood is that the album is split into two chapters –”Fairy Dust” and “Fire Fade”. The meaning behind that is the album shows two parts of Tove Lo’s life. The album begins with “Influence” which features American rapper, Wiz Khalifa. The song sets the tone of the album with the lyrics “You know I’m under the influence so don’t trust every word I say.” The beat of the song is techno or dance music with a mixture of Hip-Hop and Pop. The versatile genres that are included in this album is good because it makes Lady Wood stand out from other albums.

“Lady Wood” follows the same tone as “Influence,” then the beat changes to an upbeat party song in “True Disaster,” “Cool Girl.” The songs symbolize feminism, powerful women, and a heartbroken girl. “Vibes” which is the last song of the first chapter goes back to the same beat as “Influence” and also features UK singer Joe Janiak.

The album then transitions to Fire Fade, the second chapter, opening up with “Don’t Talk About It” which heavily influences the sound of Hip-Hop. The beat and rhythm of the song reminds me of today’s Hip-Hop. The songs off of this album are worth listening to because each song tells a story from Tove Lo’s life. It in “Imaginary Friend” ties up the album and speaks about individuality, and the fear of acceptance. “WTF Love Is” closes the album with a upbeat pop sound. The meaning of the album features downfall passion in love, and the idea that Tove Lo uses her songwriting skills to cope.

Overall, I highly recommend this album because the meaning behind each song is truthful and meaningful. In each song, all of the lyrics can be related to real-life problems such as mental health, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, and family problems. Anyone that listens to this album can find a song that they can relate to.

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