Mrs. Self Wins Teacher of the Year for the 2016-17 School Year

Mrs. Self, who is a physical and earth science teacher at Leesville, was voted for teacher of the year. The previous teacher of the year was Dr. Mash.

Mrs. Self is an academic, honors earth science and physical science teacher at Leesville. The 2016-17 school year marks her sixth year of teaching after working as an HPLC analysis at Research Triangle Park.


Self graduated from NC State with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a masters degree of teaching in secondary science.


Earlier in the semester, teachers were asked to nominate a colleague who they thought would be a good candidate for the teacher of the year and why. Previously, Self was nominated three years in a row for the award but never decided to follow through with pursuing it. This year, however, she submitted her resume and joined the competition.

Self is currently in the running for being the Wake County teacher of the year as Leesville’s candidate.

Before, there were ten candidates chosen by Leesville’s faculty. Although Self knew that she was one of the top three along with Ms. Blackwelder and Ms. Montgomery, she was shocked to be chosen as the final teacher of the year.

“It’s a little weird to be honest, just because I feel like there’s so many amazing teachers here, and to be voted as the best teacher is kinda cool,” said Self.

Although Self’s perspective of her chance at winning teacher of the year is uncertain, her students think otherwise. “Generally I think she’s a good teacher. She likes helping students who ask, and she’s very enthusiastic about her job and sorta visual because she shows a lot of interesting videos,” said Kim Tran, junior.

Mrs. Self is grateful for her colleagues that voted for her and excited about being Leesville’s teacher of the year for the 2016-17 school year.


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