Students Seize Their Future at DC Conference


While it may seem that some students have their future careers all figured out, many are unsure of where they will be in life after college. Thanks to Envision, however, all students have a chance to make their dreams a reality.

The Envision project started in 1985 as a way to connect aspiring students to multiple career paths in the real world, ranging from the fields of medicine and technology to law and national security.

According to the website, Duncan Young, President of Envision, states: “Studies show that hands-on educational experiences foster critical skills that positively impact students’ college acceptance and a more successful and confident transition into life after college,”

The Envision program provides exactly that. Through their numerous programs, students engage in seminars with our nation’s leaders, connect with corporations to better understand their work, and even participate in simulations representative of work in the real world.

During the week for September 20-25, students attended the Envision Youth National Security Forum in Washington D.C. Michael Cabrera, a Maryland student who attended the National Security Forum, said that his favorite part was “going to the Naval Academy and being able to go in knowing it was a rare experience, as well as talking to the cadets and visiting with friends,”

The forum also helped some students discover the fields that they want to go into. Padraic DeLaney,a senior from Maryland, states, “The trip gave me a broad view of the different careers in the fields of Defense, Intelligence, and Diplomacy. I used to worry about what I’ll be doing after high school. However, this experience helped me to realize that I’ve known what I’ve wanted to do this entire time. I will definitely be going into a career in International Services.”

Want to learn more about Envision and how to get involved? Google Envision or click the link to help find the perfect forum to attend.


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