Students Go Behind the Wheel

Luke Lisowe is driving the Jordan Driving School car for driver’s ed. Lisowe’s first time driving was during the behind-the-wheel portion of driver’s ed. (Photo courtesy of Hannah Comeskey)

After taking the in-class portion of driver’s education, one of the most nerve-racking things for new student drivers is finally sitting behind the wheel for the first time. While earning your permit and license is an anticipated achievement, many students feel just as anxious to drive for the first time.

Before taking the behind the wheel portion of driver’s ed, instructors presume that their students have driven before in a location with little to no drivers, such as an empty parking lot.

The nerves felt by the new drivers prior to the days leading up to the behind-the-wheel portion of driver’s ed are not typically caused by the fear of driving, but the fear of driving with other cars on the road.

For the driving sessions, up to three students — along with a driver’s ed instructor– take turns practicing driving and learning various skills necessary to drive safely. Some of these skills include smooth braking, parking, and switching lanes.

“[I was most nervous for] doing all the maneuvering and parking,” said Luke Lisowe, Leesville sophomore.

Although there is usually uneasiness before driving on main roads for the first time, once students have gained a little bit of experience behind the wheel, they usually find driving to be pretty enjoyable.

“[I most look forward to] being able to go wherever I can,” said Collin Trom, Leesville freshman, who is currently taking the behind the wheel portion of driver’s ed.

After students complete the behind-the-wheel portion of driver’s ed, they have the option to take a written test to earn their permit. The behind-the-wheel portion of driver’s ed helps prepare the students to drive without the help from a certified instructor– that has a second rearview mirror and emergency break on their side of the vehicle– but rather with their parents.

The behind-the-wheel portion of driver’s ed is extremely beneficial to new drivers because they have extensive time to go over various aspects of driving that they otherwise might not have the opportunity to thoroughly practice.


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