Spanish Club Meets to Plan For Homecoming Week

The Spanish club posts sheets advertising their club to the school. The club is welcome to all newcomers.

This year, Spanish Club has gained lots of student interest. Their first meeting was held on September 19 in the breezeway.

“I was honestly surprised, in a good way, that so many people are interested in the spanish culture and being part of the club. So I’m excited to have that large number of people come out,” said Lauren Mcnamara, Spanish Club president.

McNamara’s presidential duties are to oversee the officers of the club and making sure that funds are taken care of. She strives to keep every problem under control for Craig Ross, the Clubs adviser.

The Spanish Club does service projects, learns about the Hispanic culture, plays games, and tries to focus on the festivity of the holidays. One of the things Spanish Club is most known for is their participation in Homecoming.

Every year the Spanish Club homecoming committee builds a float for the homecoming parade. “All the officers will be on the float for the Homecoming parade and then we have two Homecoming reps that will represent Spanish Club at the football game that Friday night,” said Mcnamara.

The Spanish Club is filled with diverse people who want to know more about the Spanish culture. The next meeting will be held on October 12 during B lunch in the auditorium.


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