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Social Justice Club Debut

Kayla Pope, a junior, is starting the Social Justice club at Leesville Road High School this 2016-2017 school year.

Pope’s main focus for the Social Justice club is to involve the community of Leesville in issues around Raleigh that pertain to social issues. Social Justice issues include local, national, and even global problems, which address social-economic inequality, racism, and even environmental issues. “We are going to have a sister school that we are going to go talk to and provide any assistance they need. We are also going to create committees about certain social issues we can do the most help with,” said Pope.

Pope’s interest to create a Social Justice club stems from her desire to start a Mock Trial club. She said, “I really wanted to start a Mock Trial club, and I was talking to some history teachers about it. Frank Lassiter and Angela Scioli were some of the teachers really interested in it as well.”

Lassiter supports Social Justice club because of all the controversial things going around in the world, such as environmental rights and inequality “Mr. Lassiter and Ms. Scioli had already said that they wanted to do a Social Justice club, and what I wanted to do with mock trials kind of merged into the Social Justice club,” said Pope

Caroline McMillan, junior, said, “I’m most looking forward to establishing a community of people who have similar interests in social justice and offering a way for people to be involved here at Leesville.”

McMillan also remarked that Pope was the one who interested her in mock trials and the issue of social injustices. “Kayla is a real great person, and she has a lot of drive and motivation to get things done. It was kind of a mixture of my respect and friendship with her and my interest in mock trial that made me want to join the club,” said McMillian.

Pope and Lassiter are expecting news from the school October 10 on whether they will become a club at Leesville. From prospective members to the teacher sponsor, there is no shortage of passion for making the club a success.


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