Theatre department holds second annual SM(ART) lunch

Half of the students at lunch gather in the theatre classroom in a circle to play group games. The games focused on getting to know each other and having fun.

The Leesville Theatre Department hosted their second annual (sm)ART lunch on August 31. The lunch took place in room 22, Ms. Tarson’s room. Tarson is the theatre teacher and director at Leesville.

Tarson said, “We wanted something like informal at the beginning of the year. [Sm(ART) Lunch] is just a way for theatre people to meet other people interested in doing theatre.” With the fall play auditions for Peter and the Starcatcher approaching on September 6 and 7, the lunch was a successful way to involve freshman, new students, and those new to the arts.

Theatre veterans were encouraged to walk around the crowded room and introduce themselves to new students.

Carson Rainey, a senior, has been involved in theatre and tech since her freshman year. Rainey described the smART lunch as “loud, very welcoming and inviting, and everyone is excited to meet each other…”

Ross Dorman, a senior, said, “[For] this art lunch, you meet new people, and it’s kind of more of a family group…”

Students walked around the crowded room, introducing themselves to new people and encouraging new students to move around and meet new people. Erika Youman, a sophomore new to Leesville this year, said that this lunch encouraged her to try “makeup crew, or auditioning for the fall play.”

Given the success of the lunch for the past two years, Tarson said, “I definitely want to keep it going, I think it’s a good tradition to keep at Leesville.”

Students involved in theatre and new thespians alike look forward to the next (sm)ART lunch.


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