Scioli’s Incentives Provide Support for Supply Drive

One corner of the teacher workroom, filled with school supplies donated by Scioli’s AP Government classes. The school supplies will be sent to Louisiana, recent victims of massive floods.

Leesville Road High School sponsored a school supply drive to send supplies to schools in Louisiana that have been affected by recent flooding. The drive ran from the first day of school to September 9.

Ms. Scioli, a longtime Leesville social studies teacher, implements incentives for her students to raise support for the supply drive. Some of the ‘reachable’ (within $3-15 per student) incentives include Tootsie Roll pops or permission to eat or drink in class, while some of the improbable incentives include bringing a trampoline to school, only if one of her classes raises $4,000 worth of supplies.

“I’m always trying to figure out how to be the yeast,” said Scioli, going on to explain her philosophy. She explains that, under normal circumstances, she would donate about $20-$40 to the supply drive. Instead, she has to decided to invest that money into providing an incentive system to inspire her students.

By taking that $40 and buying simple prizes such as Tootsie Roll pops or milk and cookies, she encourages the students to bring in more supplies. “So, taking $40 and turning it into $1,000, that’s yeast, that’s definitely growth…,” said Scioli.

Scioli also provides intangible prizes, such as, funny videos, or ‘storytime’; where she reads a children’s book or tells a story from her own life to her class.

Taylor White, a current AP Government student of Scioli’s, is most excited about ‘Storytime with Scioli’ “…because she said she had a lot of interesting stories,” said White.

Scioli has been using this incentive system since about 2008 or 2009 and believes that the system serves a purpose. “We [the class] all get to share in a sense of what we did, which builds a sense of pride in our community, a civic mindedness, a civic body,” said Scioli.

As of Friday, Scioli’s 1, 3 and 4 period classes have pulled together over $1,600 worth of school supplies for the Louisiana drive.



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