Leesville holds senior meeting

Leesville’s guidance counselors hand out packets to the crowd of seniors. The senior meeting was held to answer general questions about senior year.

Leesville held its annual senior meeting on Thursday, September 8. The guidance counselors and a few teachers discussed graduation, transcripts and prom.


The meeting was meant to help students navigate through the many aspects of senior year.


“We talked about graduation and college…it was kind of helpful knowing about transcripts and figuring them out,” said Emily Dusablon, a senior at Leesville.


Oftentimes, many seniors will come to counselors asking the same questions about transcripts, college applications, recommendations and much more. The senior meeting is a way to answer some of the most common questions at one time.


Leesville’s Josten’s representative also took the senior panoramic — a picture with every member of the graduating class. Many people enjoy having the picture taken as a way to help remember their senior year.


“I think it’s a really good idea…It’ll be nice to look back and see the people that I…knew,” said David Ierston-Brown, a senior at Leesville.


Seniors were given a packet of information, as well as information for how to order their cap and gown when they left. Students with more specific questions should set up a meeting or email their counselor.



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