No Powderpuff for Leesville Girls

The class of 2018 after their near victory against the class of 2015 last year. However this year their chances of redemption were taken away after the cancellation of the game. Photo used by permission of Katelyn Perez

In fall of 2015, Leesville girls signed up to play in the annual Powderpuff game. The game had been rescheduled and thrown to the wayside several times due to snow days, rain, and even a tornado warning.

Sign-ups for Powderpuff were held in September, and the game was scheduled to be played in October. During the weeks approaching the anticipated game, the four teams held practices. These practices consisted of conditioning, creating plays and developing fundamental skills.

Reagan Norvell, sophomore, said, “The first practice is really just figuring out who wants to play what position realistically, and then who can actually throw a ball and catch a ball. You’d be surprised at who can and can’t.”

Male students volunteered to coach the team for their respective grades. Being coached by your classmates created a more comfortable environment and also sparked competition between grade levels.

The girls who signed up to play in the game were required to pay an initial fee of $20. The money was needed to buy team “jerseys” and is nonrefundable. To top this off, the wrong shirts were ordered for the Sophomore class — they were supposed to receive white shirts but were given green instead.

Rachel Golden, junior, said, “I was disappointed [about not playing the game] because it’s a tradition, and we didn’t get to do it this year, but it’s alright– we’ll always have next year.”

According to Mr.Ferguson, math teacher and Executive Council assistant adviser, “The [Powderpuff] game was postponed toward the Spring because you had the field conditions with all of the rain in the Fall, it kept getting rained out and the field was torn up. We were told to wait for the Spring — when the Spring rolled around, we couldn’t find a date to fit in the school calendar that would accommodate all of the students, so we had to cancel this year. We will resume it next year.”

Although the Leesville girls weren’t able to play any Powderpuff games this year, many of them still look forward to the games for next year.


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